Thank you for contacting us.  BSI is happy to help you determine your child and family needs. 


I need help with my child!  What do I do first?

Please contact the office at 219-462-6705 and let us know you are seeking an initial intake session.  You will be sent an Initial Intake Session Form.  Be sure to complete the entire form (fillable, no need to print) and acknowledge the information about cancellations, confidentiality and fees at the end.  Once we have received this form, your insurance will be verified and we will contact you to schedule your consultation session.  Please note that due to the high volume of requests BSI receives each day, your insurance verification can take up to one month.  If you are choosing to pay the out of pocket rate ($250), we will schedule your appointment as soon as payment is received.  The completed form can be returned to or can be mailed (2101 Comeford Rd., Valparaiso, IN 46383), faxed (219-464-4318) or brought in person.  Please return the form within 4 weeks from the date received in order to avoid a potential delay in scheduling your appointment. 

What can I expect at this appointment?

You and your child will meet with a diagnostic team member (psychologist or therapist) for up to 75 minutes.  In that time, you will be asked to share information about your concerns.  Your child should be present (unless otherwise specified) and will be observed as part of the session (social skills, play skills, listening skills, etc.).  Your child may be asked general questions as well. A school excusal can be provided upon request.

What happens after this appointment?

The psychologist or therapist will provide you with applicable resources and suggestions.  At this point in the process, there will be no report, treatment plan or therapy.  One or more of the following recommendations may be made:

  • No further information or appointments needed

  • Referral out for additional services as needed

  • Follow up session ASAP to obtain more information or review suggestions

    • You may be asked to bring additional information as needed

    • The session may be needed to review recommendations in more detail

  • Follow up session at a later time (TBD) to check in

    • You may be asked to use the recommendations for a suggested amount of time and then return to discuss progress

  • ParentWise-  Workshop or 1-1 consultation formats available

    • ParentWise is offered as a means of teaching parents the skills needed to figure out why their children are exhibiting behaviors and what strategies should be used to address those behaviors.  Registration forms for the workshops are available at the office, online ( and Facebook) and can be emailed.  Individual sessions can be scheduled if preferred, typically 1 to 2 sessions at minimum.  Anyone may sign up for this at any time, and do not have to be a client to attend. 

  • Group Therapy

    • BSI hosts groups for varying ages.  You may be added to a waitlist for a group and would be contacted when the age group appropriate for your child begins a new session.

  • ABA Therapy

    • BSI offers ABA, however, please note that the waitlist for our program is at least 1 year.  Referral to ABA may require a thorough Autism evaluation with BSI if there is no documentation of a recent evaluation and diagnosis.

  • Intake Evaluation

    • If further evaluation is recommended, you will be asked to complete required paperwork.  This paperwork can be given to you after your session or may be emailed.  Once the paperwork has been completed and returned, the intake can be scheduled.  An intake will allow for a more in-depth review of the child’s social, developmental, educational and medical history, resulting in more specific diagnosis, formal treatment plan or report and individual therapy when needed.