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BSI provides psychological evaluations to children who are enrolled in the First Steps Program (Indiana’s early intervention program for ages 0-3 years).  Children must be referred by an authorized First Steps Service Coordinator due to concerns about behaviors that may be impacting the child’s development or functioning.


Description of Services

Examples of behaviors that may result in a psychological evaluation referral include:

  • frequent and/or lengthy tantrums

  • significant speech deficits

  • anxiety

  • defiance

  • sleep difficulties

  • repetitive behaviors

  • aggression

  • self-injury

  • emotional reactivity

  • food refusal


After a referral is received, a psychologist will schedule an evaluation with the child and their caregiver(s).  During the evaluation, developmental, medical, social, educational, and behavioral history will be obtained, and assessment measures will be completed based on the concerns reported during the evaluation. The information obtained during the assessment will be integrated to provide a diagnosis (when appropriate) and develop recommendations for the caregiver(s) and/or the child’s team.  Continued psychological services may be suggested or further evaluation from other sources may be recommended, if warranted.


Continued psychological services are intended to provide:

  • the child’s caregivers with understanding the child’s behavior.

  • parent training to teach effective behavior change strategies.

  • counseling to child, parent, or family.

  • continued recommendations, as needed.


Funding Source

Cost participation policies and procedures are provided by a First Steps intake/Service Coordinator.  Services are billed through First Steps, so direct payment is not made to BSI.


How to Obtain Services

To obtain psychological services through First Steps, BSI must first receive a referral from the child’s First Steps Service Coordinator.


For More Information

To inquire about BSI’s First Steps services, please contact the BSI office at 219-462-6705 or send an email to


To determine if your child/family is eligible to participate in Indiana’s First Steps System, click the following link:



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